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Terms & Conditions

1: You can use the GroovX platform for 14 days and get access to all that we offer. You can learn the choreography, Teach to your members and launch a GroovX format any way you choose to but you must stay on brand. It is forbidden to use the choreography and pass it off as your own or as another branded format. Any use of the GroovX content in any way other than branded as a GroovX fitness class will be met with legal action.

2: If you want to cancel your subscription for any reason you can do so by going to the “My Account” section of the platform and then clicking “Subscriptions” Please note that if you cancel your subscription you are then not permitted to teach any GroovX Fitness classes or use any GroovX branded material. In addition, any pre-recorded content that you are hosting on your own membership site or social media will need to be removed upon the cancellation of your subscription to GroovX. It is also forbidden to use the GroovX class content in any other way. We will also remove you from our Facebook group. This is nothing personal, but as I am sure you can understand this is a paid part of our programme. If you ever wish to return to GroovX we would love to have you back…Please contact us to reinstate your membership.

3: You must hold a minimum Level 2 Certification in sport or fitness to become a GroovX Instructor.



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Chat on Whatsapp!
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